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Just got a batch of new promo cards printed so I thought I’d give the online community a chance to cash in on the offer as well. So…mention you saw these online and we’ll apply the 10% off if you book your session before October 20th. The session does not have to occur between now and the 20th you just need to reserve your dste.

The 3 amigos go to D.C.

I had the recent pleasure of getting to travel to D.C. with my mom and grandma for my cousin Helen’s wedding. My favorite part of the whole weekend was watching my Fabulous (86 year old grandma) enjoy every minute of airport security, moving sidewalks, escalators and shuttles till we finally got to the hotel. If any of you ever wonder where our biz name came from it came from her! 🙂 She and my grandpa owned a hatchery, called what else but Happinest Hatchery. So as an homage to both my departed grandpa and my phenomenal grandma we found the name fitting. We hope each of you get to create as happy of a nest as they seemed to have in their marriage and life!