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What Have We Been Up To?

O.K. So you caught us slipping. Haven’t posted anything in a while, but that’s what blogs are for, right,so are we not doing anything? Well, Janelle has been working hard for the paper, covering things like the 3 Rivers Festival, Dog Shows, and we did a recent shoot for a local business that I don’t think we can post pics from as they are top secret in development stuff for their marketing and we don’t want to be sued :)! You can click on the JG link to see some of her pics for the paper. We’ve also booked a few more things for next year with some lovely people that we are really looking forward to covering. We are leaving this weekend for a road trip to shoot a wedding in Staunton, VA and going to visit a few folks along the way. Thought we might as well hit NYC and Atlantic City while we’re in the general vicinity so hopefully we’ll find some fun stuff to shoot. The whole trip is about a billion miles and we’re praying the Champale makes it. Oh yeah, Bella and I made the paper, so maybe we’ll do an autograph session together some time in the future. Let me see if I can find a pic.

Hansen Gallery Now Online

Janelle and I would like to thank Kelly, Michael, their family and friends for allowing us to be a part of a great day. Everyone was so friendly that it made our job easy. We had a blast!!! This was the first wedding that Janelle let me help shoot and going back through the pictures let me relive that awesome experience. I hope the gallery does the same for each of you. So click the big “Hansen Gallery” link below, enter the super secret code, chose and album and then the slide show function, sit back, and enjoy.

Thanks again,

Janelle and Shane

PS. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how we did, we thrive on encouragement!