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Grayson 5 months | Jackson TN portrait photographer

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I can’t believe how much this little guy has changed.  Grayson is so sweet– rolling, giggling, cooing, and all around charming you with those baby blues!

Annie Sweet Sweet Annie | Fort Wayne portrait photographer | Jackson TN portrait photographer

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Good grief this girl— I love her. Good friends are definitely hard to come by and then when it comes to your kids I feel like we rarely have any control.  But God knew long before I shot Rachel and Shaun’s wedding that someday we would become friends, that someday Rachel would watch Ezra, that someday I would cry on her front porch, eat dinners with their family, laugh and live life alongside them.  He knew that our kids would find in each other true brotherly friendship even as teeny tiny little people.  Love that this family is part of our story and while we didn’t spend as much time with Annie because as Ezra would say… “she’s just a walkin’ baby”  (or she was when we left Indiana) I’ve seen glimpses of who Annie will be in the next few years— and Yes she clearly is more then a walking baby now ohhhh sweet girl!

Family Portraits | Jackson TN | Portrait Photographer

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As many of you know we relocated to Jackson, TN in 2015.  I spend much of the summer traveling back and forth between Indiana and Tennessee so I can see my family as well as continue shooting weddings in Indiana and portraits when time allows.  I don’t know if I’ve ever really mentioned what Shane does— he’s gone in a different route serving families and individuals through financial planning with North Western Mutual (personal plug you should totally call him cause he’s awesome) It’s been a year now and while every new adventure has it’s ups and downs it’s been fun to be in this adventure together.  Raybo is Shane’s boss at our Northwestern branch— and I am so thankful for him and his family who welcomed us with open arms and on a side note I seriously don’t know if I’ve ever met any grown man with a more ridiculous sense of humor then my husband— until I met Raybo.  Glad to be working with ya’ll. Hope you LOVE having some updated family pics.

Lovebirds | Engaged | Courtney & Connor | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer | Jackson TN Wedding photographer

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We had the perfect day for a wintry engagement session.  Don’t Courtney and Conn0r just make the sweetest little couple?  Can’t wait to be part of their wedding day. Yup– I love this sweet family!

Welcoming Mason | Jackson TN newborn photographer

Blog Collage-1452302777161Loved getting to meet and snuggle sweet little Mason.  What a perfect addition he makes to this awesome family and just in time for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure no other present will compare!  So happy for you and your family!  I know I might be bias but two boys— kind of the best.